Batting & Bowling  Cage at the Cumberland Playing Field

The SVGCA is pleased to announce that it has completed a total of four Batting & Bowling Cages on the London Playing Field, the Cumberland Playing Field, the Arnos Vale Playing Field, and the Clive Tannis Playing Field in Bequia. The cages represent a fulfilment of the commitment made by the Association to build cricket infrastructure for young cricketers to better sharpen their cricketing skills in and out of local cricket seasons. This initiative will serve as a conduit through which coaches can more efficiently plan and execute coaching programmes in their respective environment.

President of the SVGCA, Mr. Currency, stressed the importance of batting and bowling cage to further the development of cricketers especially since the moratorium on cricket competitions occasioned by the presence of Covid-19.

He further opined, “…We know the importance of well-coordinated and drill-based training; these cages allow our young cricketers and coaches alike to develop the skills necessary to move ahead in cricket. We are pleased with what we have seen thus far and as such; the Association has already earmarked more locations to build more of these Batting & Bowling Cages. We sent out a request to clubs and other cricket stakeholders to bid on building additional batting cages and are currently in the process of reviewing those bids. We intend to produce more future regional and international cricketing stars such as our own Obed Mc Coy and a few others. These cages will go a long way towards achieving this goal, and we are hopeful that surrounding cricketers make best use of the opportunity.”

Mr. Currency also expressed on behalf of the Executive of the SVGCA, gratitude to the National Sports Council, the National Lotteries Authority, and Area Representatives for recognizing the need for these batting and bowling cages and the benefits that will accrue.



Written by Cameron Harry