On 31 July 2021, the SVGCA Inc. held a Question & Answer Segment on Covid-19 with players and all other affiliates. The main aim of this initiative was to foster a discussion between Dr. Malcom Grant – Medical Doctor, and affiliates in attendance.

The theme of the discussion surrounded:

  • Covid-19,
  • the national vaccination programme and,
  • implications for sports men and women with a positive diagnosis for Covid-19.

The opportunity was also taken by the President and Vice President of the SVGCA to talk about the current status the local season, prospective tournaments, and cricket development.

The SVGCA Inc. would like to thank Dr. Grant for his excellent presentation and all the affiliates who were in attendance.

The SVGCA Inc. would also like to take this opportunity to join with the Ministry of Health by encouraging all sportsmen and women to get vaccinated soonest.

Written by SVGCA Inc.