Arnos Vale, St. Vincent – September 5, 2017 – National Chairman of Selectors Roland Wilkinson met with his fellow youth selectors to select the training squad to represent St. Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) in the next Windward Islands Under 15 tournament. SVG will host the tournament in December 2017. The other selectors are Samuel Holder, Ian Allen, and Cleton Burnett.

The squad includes 5 players who are currently in the Lennox John National Cricket Academy. The coaching team will be led by TDO Ian Allen, and assisted by Bertram Stapleton, Kenroy Martin, Olanzo Jackson, and Deighton Butler.

The training squad:

  1. Elvin Ashton
  2. Damary Ashton
  3. Kyle Bowens
  4. Shafique May
  5. Orland Gilbert
  6. Ashroy John
  7. Akeem Alexander
  8. Omarion Ottley
  9. Shummur Peters
  10. Coby Dabreo
  11. Cody Grant
  12. Devante McDowald
  13. Randy Joseph
  14. Kemani Husbands
  15. Newton Browne
  16. Luke Wilson
  17. Trevian Matthews
  18. Joe Williams
  19. Keadon Hackshaw
  20. Tymar Jack
  21. Solomon Bascombe
  22. Keiann McMillan
  23. Devon Fisher
  24. Leo DeFreitas
  25. Zaeree Cyrus
  26. Gideon Richards
  27. Reshawn Lewis
  28. Kirtney Franklyn
  29. Shaeem Samuel
  30. Claudius Robertson

Media Release

This is an official media release of the St. Vincent & the Grenadines Cricket Association Inc.