The Windward Islands Under 17 cricket team, recently participated in the highly competitive West Indies U17 Championship held in Trinidad throughout the month of August. Despite facing various challenges in their preparation, the young cricketers displayed remarkable talent and resilience throughout the tournament with Kirt Murray, the Grenadian left-arm spinner, and Vincentian, Devonte McDowall, leading with some magnificent performances


The Team’s Performance

The championship featured two distinct segments: a 50-over tournament and a 2-day competition. Unfortunately, the 50-over segment was marred by heavy rainfall, limiting the team to just two matches. In this segment, the Windwards U17 Team finished in 5th place, having faced difficulties in training, team bonding, and the somewhat infamous InterCaribbean delays. Despite these challenges, they exhibited determination and sportsmanship.

In the 2-day segment, the Windwards U17 Team fair slightly better, remaining undefeated throughout the competition. However, they were only able to secure a 5th-place finish in this segment. Notably, they managed to draw all of their matches, demonstrating their resilience and strong teamwork.


Kit Murray’s All-Round Excellence

The standout player of the tournament was Grenadian talent, Kirt Murray, whose exceptional performance left a lasting impression. Despite narrowly missing out on the West Indies U19 Tour to Sri Lanka, Murray dominated the West Indies U17 Championship, showcasing remarkable maturity and skill. His outstanding contributions were recognized with a total of 11 awards during the presentation ceremony.

In the 50-over segment, Murray claimed the titles of Man of the Match in two games, Most Runs, Most Wickets, and the Most Valuable Player (MVP). For the 2-day format, he continued his exceptional performance, securing three Man of the Match awards, Most Runs, Most Wickets, and yet another MVP award. His brilliance earned him the coveted title of the tournament’s overall Player of the Tournament.

A moment that will be etched in the memory of cricket enthusiasts occurred during the final game of the 2-day segment when Kirt Murray accomplished a remarkable feat, picking up an impressive 9-wicket haul. Only a dropped catch stood between him and an astonishing 10-wicket haul.



Despite facing significant challenges in the lead-up to the tournament, the Windward Islands Under 17 cricket team, led by the remarkable Kirt Murray, showcased their potential and resilience. The standout performance of Kirt Murray is a testament to the talent emerging from the region and acts as a reminder that there is a substantial amount of benefit to be derived once investments in youth cricket continue so that such talents can be properly developed in the West Indies cricketing arena.

Written by Luke Wilson