Date: August 16, 2019 - 10:00 am
Venue: Arnos Vale Playing Field
Match Format: Limited Overs - 50 overs
Match Type: Finals
Toss: Kingstown U15
Match State: Complete
Match Result: Central Windward U15 Won by 102
1st Inns Overs: 48
2nd Inns Overs: 42
Details: Due to Rain the overs was reduce and the total score was reduce to 210
Kingstown U15 Lineup: Danie Bobb, Imbeki King, Jeremy Martin, Joden Henry, Jovain Samuel, Kyle Ambris, Luke Browne, Luke Chandler, Nelia Glasgow, Travan Questelles, Zion-I Gordon
Central Windward U15 Lineup: Alston Bobb Jr, Devonte McDowall, Dexter Baynes, Elran Glasgow, Kelorn Johnny, Kevin Joseph, Kevin Shallow, Kodi Grant, Reynolly Hillocks, Sam Burke, Serani Roban

Written by Jenry Ollivierre

Jenry is a very passionate lover of anything Cricket, which his life totally revolves around. When not tweaking off breaks or trying to heave himself off the ground hitting boundaries, he spends a lot of his time watching cricket, writing code and fishing.