Date: March 19, 2019 - 10:00 am
Venue: Sion Hill Playing Field
Match Format: Unlimited Overs - 2 Days
Match State: Complete
AMBRIS XI Lineup: Alex Samuel, Andrew Thomas, Atticus Browne, Darius Martin, Delorn Johnson, Deron Greaves, Gidron Pope, Rasheed Fredericks, Richie Richards, Romario Bibby, Sealron Williams, Sealroy Williams, Shamon Hooper, Sunil Ambris, Tilron Harry
Hooper XI Lineup: Asif Hooper, Chrisroy John, Desron Maloney, Dillon Douglas, Geron Wyllie, Jaheel Walters, Jeremy Haywood, Kenneth Dember, Kimson Dalzell, Othneil Lewis, Rayon Williams, Reshown Lewis, Rickford Walker, Romano Pierre, Seon Sween

Written by Jenry Ollivierre

Jenry is a very passionate lover of anything Cricket, which his life totally revolves around. When not tweaking off breaks or trying to heave himself off the ground hitting boundaries, he spends a lot of his time watching cricket, writing code and fishing.